Thirsty Thursday: The Twisted Tavern

Holiday breaks are for eating too much food and catching up with friends. Over the holiday, I got together with an old friend (I’m talking, friends since 3rd grade old), and we wanted to try something new. She recently moved to the Royal Oak area, so I met her at her house, and we tookContinue reading “Thirsty Thursday: The Twisted Tavern”

Thirsty Thursday: Election Cocktails

Okay, so these were technically made for the debates, but I’d say these candidate-inspired cocktails will be great all the way through November 8th. Take a look at the drinks that (I didn’t even know that website existed… shame on me!) and theSkimm chose to represent each candidate, and then have a great timeContinue reading “Thirsty Thursday: Election Cocktails”

Thirsty Thursday: Sundance Grill & Bar

A couple weeks ago, I went to Grand Rapids for my cousin’s Bachelorette party. It was a grand time, and she got very drunk, so I see it as a success. An even better part of the whole ordeal? The brunch we had the next morning! It was at Sundance Grill & Bar and wasContinue reading “Thirsty Thursday: Sundance Grill & Bar”