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2018, A Poem By: Briana Carlesimo My worth is not dependent On the boobs across my chest. You cannot base my money On my kitten heels and dress. You cannot interrupt me Just because you have a thought. I know this might sound crazy, But my silence can’t be bought.

Hump Day Inspiration

Women Who Rock – Tina & Amy

Obviously we know I love powerful, inspirational women. Well, I love them even more when they’re funny. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler aren’t just super funny comedians, they’re feminist fighters who have zero issues sharing their beliefs. Not only do I love watching them in Parks & Rec and 30 Rock,

To the Girl with Big Dreams

Today is the International Day of the Girl according to the UN. Girls across the world are consistently held back for various reasons, and this day is to celebrate all of them and to create goals to help better their lives. While I was in college, I got very involved with an

I Don’t Blame Donald Trump for His Comments

Here’s the thing: I believe that Donald Trump truly does only talk like that with other men. And I believe that many, many men in this country also talk like that (whether you admit it or not) when not in the direct presence of women (hence his “locker room” mentality).

Happy Women’s Equality Day!

From the beginning, women have fought an uphill battle for equality and rights in this country. And, even today, the peak of the mountain still seems very distant. When we turn around, though, to look at the earth below us, we can see just how far we’ve really come. From


Ever feeling a little bit down about yourself? Or maybe you’re too concerned what others think about you instead of what you think about you? Well, I found this article with some great confidence-boosting quotes from wonderful women over the years! Here are a few of my favorites: “You have

Let’s Talk About it: Sexism

So lately, I’ve seen a lot of posts and links on Facebook that girls are sharing almost as a way to validate their power, their jobs, and their lives. It’s no surprise to anyone these days that women are starting to stand up for themselves and hold their own. While