Friday Fashion – Rocksbox

rocksbox boxGold circle necklace Me- RocksboxHave you ever heard of Rocksbox?

It’s okay, I hadn’t either. Then, one of my roommates introduced me to the website and Instagram page, and I must admit, I’m in LOVE.

Basically how it works is you spend $19 a month and receive this little box filled with 3 pieces of designer jewelry (nothing too crazy expensive, but they say the 3 pieces total somewhere around $200). You can wear these pieces as often as you want. Then, when you’re over them, you send them back and receive a new box! Or, if you’re super into a piece, you can buy it (like I did with the necklace above!).

You add jewelry to your “wish list”, and they do their best to send you pieces from that or others you might be interested in. With the way fashion and jewelry are constantly changing, it’s such a great way to keep up with a fad. I’m definitely a big fan, and I think a lot of you will be, too!

If it sounds like something you’d want to try, you can go ahead and use this code for your first month free: BRIANABFF44

Happy shopping! And be sure to tell me what you get in your Rocksbox! 🙂


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