5 Tips for Young Marketers

I think one of my favorite social media sites is LinkedIn. If you use it correctly, you can make very meaningful professional connections and network yourself without ever leaving your house. Well, another aspect of LinkedIn that I love is their Marketing Solutions Blog. I receive daily emails from them with tips, tricks, and infoContinue reading “5 Tips for Young Marketers”

Saving Money as a Millennial Grocery Shopper

Grocery shopping can be exhausting… Even if I show up with the best of intentions, grocery list in hand, I still end up wandering the aisles and grabbing things I don’t actually need. I’m also the worst at running to the store last minute to buy some wine or a dessert before heading to aContinue reading “Saving Money as a Millennial Grocery Shopper”

Millennials are not the Problem

I’ve seen it posted a million times, I’ve heard people complain about us, I’ve read articles: Millennials are lazy. We’re narcissistic. We’re “even a bit delusional”. Basically, we’re the worst. And our parents? They fear for the future. But, I have a question for these people who feel so strongly about us millennials – howContinue reading “Millennials are not the Problem”