Artist of the Week- Sam Hunt

I haven’t done a music post on here yet, so I wanted to start doing some of my favorite “of the moment” bands and artists! Every week I’ll post an artist or a song at the beginning of the week for everyone to check out. Make sure to leave a comment on your thoughts each week!

Now, for the artist this week… SAM HUNT!

I’m not sure how many of you are country fans, but I’m absolutely obsessed. Sam is a newer artist, and if you haven’t heard him yet, I highly suggest you take a listen.

His big hit right now is Leave the Night On, and my sorority sisters and I may or may not have been scream-singing it in our cars for the past week… 😉 It’s so catchy and care-free and makes me want to hop right into my car, roll the windows down, and rewind back to summer nights.

Give Sam a listen, and let me know what you think! A couple of his other songs that I’m in love with right now are Ex to See and Break Up in a Small Town (if you don’t like the beginning, wait for the chorus. so good.). Happy listening!


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