Music Monday — Country Time

Although the weatherman says more snow is on the way tomorrow, I like to close my eyes and pretend that spring is here. And, while I can’t close my eyes while I drive, I can listen to country music and pretend like the weather is a lot better than it is.

So, with that, I’ve put together a few country songs to add to your favorite summer playlist and start jamming to with the windows down — even if they have to be up for the time being:

  1. Humble And Kind by Tim McGraw – As if I didn’t already love Tim, this song makes me absolutely adore him. It’s sweet and precious and such a great reminder for everybody.
  2. Drunk On Your Love by Brett Eldredge – For some reason, the chorus of this song always gets stuck in my head. It’s cute and catchy and great to sing along to.
  3. Fix by Chris Lane – Chris is new to the country scene, but he definitely makes a name for himself with this song. There’s just something sexy about this song that makes every girl *swoon*.
  4. My Church by Maren Morris – Maren is also new to the country scene, but this girl shot straight to the top. She currently holds the number 1 top country hit on iTunes, and if you listen to the radio at all, I’m sure you’ve heard this song by now. It’s basically about how jamming to some good country music is almost the same type of relief you get from going to church. And, I mean, she’s not wrong….
  5. Snapback by Old Dominion – This is just the cutest! I love it, and it makes me want to put on my old snapback hat from high school and bob my head along. I’m also highkey obsessed with Old Dominion’s song Break Up With Him.
  6. Somewhere On A Beach by Dierks Bentley – I really think that all Dierks does is drink… And that’s exactly why I think we’d be the best of friends. This song is about getting over someone by hopping on a plane and heading to a beach to party all day and night – pretty great idea if ya ask me.
  7. Better In Boots by Tyler Farr – I have to admit, Tyler’s songs are usually hit or miss for me, but this one is absolutely a hit. It’s all about how country boots automatically make anything look better, and I definitely agree.

Make sure to add these songs to your summer country playlists, and have fun pretending like there isn’t snow outside! Hopefully we can all jam to these songs with the windows down soon enough.


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